ESG Management


· Environmental Management Policy

Bukang Special Industries Co., ltd. recognizes the environment and energy as key factors in its management activities and implements the following measures to realize a sustainable, low-carbon and eco-friendly economy.

·   Establish an integrated environmental and energy management system based on ISO14001 and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

·   Establish environmental and energy targets and provide the resources necessary to achieve them to continuously improve performance.

·   Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize the impact of climate change by introducing low-carbon process technologies.

·   Conserve resources and protect the environment by efficiently using natural resources and by-products and using eco-friendly products.

·   Minimize the emission of toxic substances by applying eco-friendly production processes and optimal prevention technologies.

·   Draw out Periodically environment, energy integrated system performance, report to management, and communicate with stakeholders.

· Code of Ethics Conduct Statement

Bukang Special Industries Co., ltd. has established the ⌜Code of Ethics⌟ to become a trusted company that grows and develops together with customers, shareholders, and suppliers with the purpose of becoming a company that respects fair competition and free market order, complies with laws and business ethics, and provides strength to stakeholders based on faith and trust, and uses it as a standard for value judgment and behavior that all employees autonomously practice in all parts of business activities.

· 7 Principles of Human Rights Management

·   Support and respect national and internationally declared proclaimed human rights protections.

·   Comply with labor laws and regulations as required by law.

·   Make safety and security a top management priority.

·   Prohibit discrimination, harassment, and child labor in employment, labor, and social activities.

·   Take continuous improvement measures to protect the human rights of our affiliates and customers.

·   Respect the culture of local communities and cooperate in activities to improve the quality of life and
     protect human rights.

·   Do our best to protect human rights related to the environment, including the climate crisis.

· Safety and Health Management Policy

Bukang Special Industries Co., ltd. is a company that develops together with its neighbors and seeks to prevent disasters and improve health and quality of life by creating a safe and comfortable working environment for all who enter and leave the company. Ltd. establishes a safety and health management policy based on the following basic policies in all activities and operates a safety and health management system to achieve it.

·   Establish an integrated environmental and energy management system based on ISO14001 and comply
     with relevant laws and regulations.

·   Safety takes precedence over production or quality, and create an environment where everyone who
     enters and exits Bukang Special Industries Co., Ltd. can work safely and comfortably.

·   And Identify risk factors in advance promote continuous improvement to prevent accidents and diseases
     for all employees and employees of affiliated companies.